Deal of the Day: Rosetta Stone Lifetime Language Packs + Amazon Tablet for $149

Written by Charlie

If you want to learn a new language, today you can get a lifetime access to Rosetta Stone for select languages and an Amazon Fire tablet for $149.

Whenever I travel to a new country, I always try to learn at least a few words in that country’s language so I can show my thanks when at different places. If I travel somewhere more frequently, I try to learn some basic conversational parts of the language to dive a little deeper. If you are like me, this deal of the day from Amazon can help you connect even more with a country and culture with this language deal.

Rosetta Stone Lifetime Language Packs on Sale

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I own several Rosetta Stone language courses and the way they used to do it was to send CDs for the courses you order. Then, they began to let you download. The thing now is to give you access to it as a subscription service to have it on various devices.

Without having a human tutor, Rosetta Stone is probably one of the best ways to go. I have been able to learn a lot in a few different languages over the year from the courses. This new lifetime access lets you continue that whether you are on your computer, tablet, or even phone – and it syncs your progress across those devices!

Today, with this deal, you also get an Amazon Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet. This goes for $49 on sale so not an expensive tablet – but it is free! If you want a language program but don’t care about the tablet, you can use it as a gift!

Unfortunately, this is only for some of the languages they offer. Here are the ones on sale today:

There you go! Learning a language is a great way to familiarize yourself with a country a bit and to feel more comfortable once you get there. Plus, you will always enjoy the surprised and pleased look on the locals’ faces when they here you try to speak their language!

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  • Can you please send a valid link? I clicked on the links above and they took me to Amazon where the price is $238.99,not $149.

    • This was the deal for yesterday, December 12. It is now expired. Sorry 🙁
      However, if you want the software without the tablet, it is $199 now.

  • Thank you. Unfortunately I got your email this morning. :). I’ll be on the lookout for other good offers.