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Awesome Deal! Top of the Line Kindle Oasis for $200 OFF!

Written by Charlie

Act fast if you want to grab the top of the line Kindle Oasis for $200 off regular price! This has 32GB of storage, no ads, and cellular connectivity all for $149 brand new!

This is marked as a closeout item since the new Kindle Oasis just came out, so this may not be around for long! It is definitely one of the best deals I have ever seen on the Kindle Oasis and it is brand new, not refurb! The newest generation has the adaptive lighting, which this does not have, but that is essentially it. Oh, and the new, base Kindle Oasis will currently cost you $249!

Awesome Deal on the Kindle Oasis

Link: Kindle Oasis Deal (this is an affiliate link that supports the site – thank you!)

Earlier in the week, the 9th Generation Kindle Oasis (last generation) in the 8GB storage space selection with ads was available for $149. Today, you get the 9th Generation Kindle Oasis with 32GB of storage, no Kindle ads, and cellular connectivity for $149 – brand new! Oh, and you get a $5 Kindle ebook credit, too. 🙂

This is really a great deal. Even if you don’t think you will use all 32GB of storage, it is the best price around right now for any Kindle Oasis so it is definitely worth it. This is the only Kindle model with an 7″ display and it is definitely a premium model. Plus, you can use Audible books stored on it as well (and they will pick right up from where you left off if you have the Kindle edition of the book as well) so that can use up some storage as well.

Making the Deal Even Sweeter

Ok, let’s take that price even lower! First of all, if you have a Kindle device, you can get 25% off this plus a gift card from $5 and up for trading it in. Just make sure you can get it applied today since this deal will probably be gone by the time you send the old Kindle in and get the code (I got the code right away and was able to apply it even before I sent it in).

Next, if you go through Rakuten, you can earn 10% cash back or 10 Membership Reward points per dollar on this device! That is pretty great! Start here for that (if you do not have an account yet, you can use my link to set one up – it is free).

Finally, if you have the Amazon Prime credit card and use it, you will get 10% back from what you spend on that in future rewards.

Using those little tips can get this under $100 if you have a Kindle to get started. Not bad, especially if you have an old one that you no longer use.

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