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An Easy, Fun April Fool’s Joke to Play on Your Credit Card Friends

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Written by Charlie

Check out this easy, fun April Fool’s joke to play on your friends who always are looking for huge credit card rewards as well! In just a minute, you could have quite the “targeted” offer!

Tomorrow is April 1 which means we will likely be flooded with a lot of jokes – most of which are not that fun at all. 🙂 But, if you want to pull a little joke on your friends that love credit card rewards as much as you do, here is an easy, fun April Fool’s joke to try out!

An Easy, Fun April Fool’s Joke to Play on Your Credit Card Friends

joke credit card rewards

We all know how hard it is to get some of the best credit card bonuses around if you have been at this for a while. That is because credit card issuers have made it harder for customers to get rewards on a card that they already have or have received a bonus on.

Well, the one big workaround to that is targeted offers. With those targeted offers, it often will leave off the information that you can only apply if it has been X amount of months since you had the bonus (of once-per-lifetime, like Amex).

So, take a few minutes and try this joke and send a screenshot of it to your friends. Your only regret will be that you cannot see their reaction in real-time when they think you got the offer of a lifetime on a credit card bonus. 🙂

Changing the Visible Text on a Webpage in 1 Minute

Of course, anyone can edit a page (or anything) in a photo editing program, but not everyone knows that there is an even easier way to edit the appearance of the webpage you are looking at.

If you use Google Chrome, simply open the More Tools > Developer Tools  (look for similar items in other browsers) from the browser menu, you can have the html for the webpage displayed in front of you. This is helpful if you are trying to see how a website does a particular thing or what code they may have used.

april fool's joke credit card rewards

So, go to your favorite credit card offer page (I used the Chase Sapphire Preferred for this absurd offer example!) and then you will see the html code for that webpage in your developer window at the bottom of the page.

april fool's credit card rewards

Next, you just need to hit the search spot – after clicking anywhere in the developer window – (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F on Mac), and you can search for whatever text you are wanting to change. Once you find it, just delete that text and insert your own!

Next just screenshot it and send it to a friend! Hint: this is why screenshot’s don’t often mean much to companies!

This is NOT a website hack!

Of course, this does not do anything beside change what the text says on your screen. If you were to hit Apply, you would be greeted with the genuine offer and not the edit you made. That edit is purely text and does nothing with the bank’s system. To make it clear – this is not a hack in any sense of the word! 


There you go! Now you have a quick and easy April Fool’s joke to make on your fellow rewards-loving friends with an “offer” that they will be really jealous about! 🙂

april fool's credit card rewards

Doing it for a first class ticket on Emirates can be fun, too! THIS IS A FAKE, TOO! 🙂

You could also do it on airline websites for ticket prices or hotels or anything else! Again, you are just changing what is visible on your screen.

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