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Stuck at Home? Here are 6 Great Noise Cancelling Headphones to Help You Out!

Written by Charlie

During this time of quarantine, you may need a little extra quiet! Here are 6 great noise cancelling headphones that can help – and work in the air, too!

We are in a totally different time now as billions of people are at home in self-isolation/quarantine. This means that many millions are having to work from home. If you have not done that before, it can be difficult to get used too. Also, even for those that have, it can always help to have some alone time now that everyone is at home all the time!

6 Great Noise Cancelling Headphones for Home Isolation

Note: The following headphones and earbuds are ones that I have personally owned and tested. Also, the links are affiliate links that support the site so thanks for your support, should you use them!

If you are a frequent traveler that is currently grounded, chances are pretty good that you already have a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones. But, if you don’t have a pair, these can be great for in the house and then back in the air when travel is running again.

In fact, if you have other people in your home, buying a pair of headphones for someone else could be the best possible gift right now! Sure, you love them and they love you but sometimes it can be helpful to tune everything out for a bit when you cannot get out.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II – From $199

For a long time, these were considered something of a gold standard of the noise cancelling headphones for the traveling masses. They still are great, even though the newest ones hit the market (Bose 700).

While retail price on these sits at $349, it is possible to get them a whole lot cheaper than that! Here are some options for you:

Sony WH-1000XM3 – From $179

This pair of Sony headphones really gave Bose a push for that popular top spot. In fact, many reviewers claimed that the Sony’s were better than the Bose. I happen to agree though the Bose do feel a bit more comfortable for longer periods of time. Things like USB C charging for the Sony and a great software experience definitely make them a piece of tech for 2020.

These also retail for $349 but here are some options for getting them for less:

Bose QuietComfort 25 – $109

The pair that became the most popular noise cancelling headphones in the air for a while were the Bose QuietComfort 25. These are not wireless but they are also not rechargeable – which can be a plus for anyone that likes to simply pop in a new battery to keep on going. These are still great headphones and can be had for much less than the other two.

Apple AirPods Pro – $249

Now we get away from the actual headphones and look at some noise cancelling earbuds, the latest thing in personal audio. The Apple AirPods Pro have almost consistently been sold out at a variety of retailers on and off since they came out last year. If you have an Apple device, they are fantastic and worthy of a look. Also, unlike the other options so far, these work great for fitness and are sweat resistant as well.

On occasion, they are on sale from Amazon for $235 but with the current conditions, you may be lucky just knowing that they are in stock right now and you can have them in a couple of days (or less).

Sony WF-1000XM3 – From $119

The above may look just like the earlier model from Sony but these are the earbud versions. That means you get all the same awesome software but, instead of over-the-head-headphones, these are some well-designed earbuds that can go in your pocket and ears with ease.

My Review of the Sony WF-1000XM3

They have some nice tech behind them that can adjust the noise cancellation based on your activity at the time and mode of transportation. They also have a charging case that uses USB C to charge so you may be pretty close to having an all-in-one charging solution.

Bose QuietComfort 20  – $124

Like their headphone-brother, the QuietComfort 20 were early leaders in the noise cancelling family – specifically for those people that prefer it in their ears instead of over. These have the best battery life of the in-ear variety but they are corded. That’s not too big of a deal for many, especially when it is easier to just plug it into an in-flight entertainment center.

*Bonus* Amazon Echo Buds – $129

These are not true noise cancellation but rather active noise reduction. This means it will not kill airplane engine noise but it will drop the noise around you quite a bit. If you are a big Alexa fan, these are great for that. Plus, if you have an Echo device, you can trade-it in and save. I did this with an old echo dot I had bought for $5 and got $30 off back in December.

Bottom Line

Noise cancelling headphones are a staple of the frequent flyer but they can also be tremendously helpful when trying to work from home. Not only do these provide nice noise cancellation but they also work as microphones for any of your calls.

While it is nice to be with family, it can be helpful as well to just throw on the headphones and listen to something for a little bit when in home isolation. Plus, when you get back to travel again, you have a piece of travel tech you will be so thankful for the next time you are in the air.

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